What is a Kendama??

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This my friends, is a Kendama:

Kendama USA Red web 0408

This stylish Kendama is an extremely addictive wooden toy that comes from Japan. It strengthens hand eye coordination, balance, and reflex. It can be played by young and old alike. There are endless trick possibilities for both the beginner and the master.

2 Summers ago on the Be-Mag Japan Tour, I was introduced to this ancient Japanese Toy. Literally translated it means “sword ball”. Chiaki and Hiro are pretty much the masters of Kendama, and taught us the art during our visit. Since then, I haven’t taken a trip without my Kendama, and people all over the world have been curious about what this strange toy is. See the Video Page to see the Kendama in action.





15 responses

23 01 2008
Danny Stephenson

Very cool.


27 05 2008

I think it’s the Wolf eye that makes Morris so good. He has super wolf vision and it makes him Kendama amazingly. Kendama ga suki desu.

17 09 2008
lukas altenberger


20 09 2008

Short article but… this is Kendama 🙂 I’m lovi’n it.

25 10 2008

Hey can you put up some like videos on how to do some of the tricks you pull off? That would help alot…

8 11 2008

this is so cool

11 11 2008

Wow you guys are very good. i can do an around the world and ive down stalls. the ken seems easier than the spike to me. hey can you guys email me? i really am interested in this. im 12 and my freind skates Remz so he showed me this thanks and keep up the good work P.S does brian shima kendama?

19 11 2008

this thinq is so awsum.
im so qettinq one for christmas. (:

19 11 2008

this thinq is so awsum.
im so qettinq one for christmas.(:

28 12 2008

I Have 4 Kendama`s I Want A Gold One Though.

14 01 2009

helo! what is Discount code? im want to buy one!!! i live in Sweden 🙂

8 03 2009


26 03 2009

i got one is cool i play with it at school and my cheerleader and at the mall is fun to play with it all my friends have one i love kendama i ❤ kendama

28 06 2009

kendamas are awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome!

28 06 2009

i just got mine 3 seconds ago!!!!!!!!woo woot!

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